Regular Classes

Regular classes are 1 hour long and range from 1-15 people in each class. The group will go through a warm-up, skill and then the WOD (workout of the day) all together. These classes are intense, fun and feature a special type of community you won’t find anywhere else.


Every movement needs to be executed from core to extremity, meaning all of your strength and stabilization comes from your core and back. CoreFit class is a fast 30 minute WOD that specifically targets you core and back. Strengthening these areas will decrease back pain and increase your work capacity in everyday life. CoreFit is available to members who are signed up for monthly unlimited classes as well.

CrossFit Teens

Programmed and taught by Coach Brewster Whitmire, Coach Z, & Coach Cass. CrossFit Teens helps the younger members in our community develop strength and proper movement mechanics all while building self-confidence. Teen program is a specific WOD for the Teens that are modifiable to each of their fitness levels. This program has been running for 5 years and there hasn’t been a single injury because of their great coaching skills. Age ranges for this class are 9-17 years old. If you have a Teen that is interested in CrossFit, please contact us or drop into a Teen’s class for more information.

Crossfit Kids

We are building the foundation of quality movement and mechanics in Crossfit Kids classes.  Our goal is to teach a wide range of functional movements that will get your child stronger all around and we have fun doing it.  We will warm up, play games, work together and get a great workout and cool down in the hour class.